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About last night/Brief encounter with Ron Jeremy

The Hustler Club part of my evening lasted only about 30-40 minutes total. But since many of you are probably curious about what went down, here’s my recap:

Too funny: Hulu’s “How to Have Great Phone Sex”

I have no words, except to say: Wow, that chick has a crazy long tongue! (You’ll know who I’m talking about in a minute.)

Amazon Fail

In the shit category (not giggles)… is removing sales rankings from gay, lesbian (and similarly themed) “adult content” books, thereby excluding their listings from popping up on some searches.

Via Jezebel:
According to author Mark R. Probst, has begun pulling the sales rank numbers from several … Read More

“Fishnet Follies” in Hong Kong

Google alerts yield some amusing results...

Read on...

Barbie-Maker Was a Sex Machine

A new book, “Toy Monster: The Big, Bad World of Mattel”, talks about Barbie’s origins as a re-engineered version of the German Bild Lilli doll– once an adult novelty toy that was a spin-off from a popular newspaper cartoon series.
According to the New … Read More

Prop 8 The Musical

This is burlesque.

(Click to see video)

Video: Sweater Girls

Some good ol’ mid-century sexy fun:

This is Burlesque: Chicken Commercial

This is hilarious! And mildly disturbing, in a way. Just like I like it.

“Why You Don’t Fuck With Burlesque Performers”


(Link via my guy.)

Do The Test!

Ok, this has nothing to do with burlesque, but it’s so cool I just have to share it with everybody!

Awareness Test