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Video: “Island Blues” – HHR Caveman Show

Video of my “Island Blues” act from May’s Hubba Hubba Revue: Caveman Show.
Special thanks to Flame Cynders for capturing the video.
Super special thanks to my human prop/dance partner Jet Noir for putting up with my “ideas”.

Mynx Pinup Toonified!

Check it out!

OK, it’s not totally me, but I’m happy and flattered that Lar deSouza referenced one of my photos (recently featured on Java’s Bachelor Pad “Christmas Cutie” for December 9th last year) for his latest pinup piece. Yeah!
Lar is the current artist for web … Read More

Video: Lucille Ball Does Burlesque

Yet another reason to love Lucy. (Click to see video.)

Video: Catherine D’Lish!

For those of you who've never seen her perform, here's just a taste of the treat you're in for at the upcoming Fishnet Follies BREASTACULAR! BREASTACULAR!

(Click to see video.)

Video: 1980’s Tassel Twirl-Off

Hilarious and fascinating, in many respects:

Tipped from a very educational tassel twirling discussion on the Ministry of Burlesque board. You should go read.
Note: I’m assuming it’s from the 80’s, based on the overall look of the video. Who knows?

Philippine Movie: “Burlesk Queen”

Came across this movie review in my GoogleReader:
It’s an article about a 1977 Philippine movie, “Burlesk Queen” (by Jessica Zafra).
WOW! What a find! As a Filipino and a burlesque performer, you know I’m all about this. I always get excited … Read More

Google-Hosted LIFE Magazine Photos

For some yummy vintage eye candy, check out some old school LIFE Magazine photos, now hosted on Google.

Must See: Roxi Dlite “Runaway Bride”

Oh my nelly!

I’ve a brand spanking new burlesque crush.

Video: Satan’s Angel Fire Tassels

Click to see video.

Too Much Fun: Burlesque and Balloons

Burlesque Bears! Simply adorable.

Lana won’t talk about her past. She founded the Burlesque Bears and leaves it at that. Lana is pictured in her trademark pink beaded fringe. She does a mean fan dance to “The Stripper” by David Rose and his Orchestra.
Purchase your … Read More