January/February Shows!


Happy New Year! It’s my birthday month, and I’m having a hell of a lot of fun! (So much so, I’ve not much time to …

Sweet November

Mynx Cigarette Holder by J. Ferreira

Lots of changes lately, so I’ve laid low the past couple of months. Well, I’m back in action, and with a NEW, very exciting (exciting-ing-ing-ing) …

Many, many moons ago…


Can you believe how tiny my belly button was?

July Flew By! August Is Upon Us!

inspired by molly crabapple

Me-oh-my! Have been so incredibly busy the past couple of months, I didn’t even get a chance to post about all the July shenanigans! And …

Video: “Island Blues” – HHR Caveman Show

Mynx d'Meanor & Jet Noir "Island Blues" - HHR Caveman Show

Video of my “Island Blues” act from May’s Hubba Hubba Revue: Caveman Show. Special thanks to Flame Cynders for capturing the video. Super special thanks …

Looney June!

Fishnet Follies at Dr. Sketchy's SF

Woohoo! Just got back from crazy/inspiring Burlesque Hall of Fame weekend in Vegas and boy, I can’t afford to be tired. Lots of action this …

April Shenanigans Starts With COMIC STRIP!

COMIC STRIP! WonderCon - April 2, 2010

SUPER fun shows coming up this month!

First up: COMIC STRIP! this Friday, April 2nd for WonderCon!

It was such fun putting on COMIC STRIP! for San Diego Comic Con when I lived there, I just HAD to do it again for San Francisco! This is my baby!

Get yer geekasm on this Friday! WonderCon afterparty!

March Madness with Mynx!

Fishnet Follies Takes Over Uptown Hubba!

After mostly laying low last month, I’m allll over the place this March… First and best news (though last on the calendar) is the fact …

History: “Welcome to New York” by Betsy Holland Gehman


Super huge hugs and thanks to Princess Farhana and her mom, Betsy Holland Gehman, for allowing me to reprint this story. It’s another witty chapter …

Performing and Guest Judging at the “Face of Temptress” Model Search in San Diego!

Judges' table at "Face of Temptress" competition

I think the headline says it all. I’m flying down tomorrow afternoon to hang out with my wonderful San Diego friends and gear up for …