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Bisy Backson/Spinning Plates

By Mynx d'Meanor • Mar 20th, 2009 • Category: BLOG, PERSONAL/MUSINGS

Wooooh… It’s been a hell of a year already, and we’re not even halfway through. Lots of stuff happening and on deck:

  • Full time day job. (YAY!)
  • Teaching Burlesque Boot Camp classes every Saturday.
  • Performing in and co-producing BREASTACULAR! BREASTACULAR! featuring Catherine D’Lish!!! (Benefit show for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.)
  • Setting up a special Burlesque Striptease Workshop with Catherine D’Lish– an extraordinary treat for San Diego!
  • Working on some merch to be launched at the benefit show.
  • Outlining a couple of book projects.
  • Planning my move back to the Bay Area.
  • Designing a website for an amazing artist– to be announced soon.
  • On that note, contemplating a redesign of my own site/blog. (Quite doubtful for the moment– probably just another procrastination tactic. Hee.)

Hope I can keep up with all this plate-spinning! It’s very exciting, but a little tiring as well. I will do my best. There is glitter at the end of the tunnel. :)

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