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Dr. Sketchy’s SD: “From Hell” Photos

From yesterday’s modeling gig:


(Photos c/o our wonderful Dr. Sketchy’s San Diego hosts, Miss Lily and Matt. Read the write-up on their blog.)

You may notice a little Chloraseptic bottle in the background of some of the photos. I was quite ill all week (after VLV debauchery) and we were still contending with a little cough during the first part of the gig. Nothing whiskey can’t cure, however. A few shots kept consumption at bay…

“Jack the Tripper” drawing contest winner:
He won a DVD of the first season of “Three’s Company” and a free pass to Fishnet Follies on May 31st.

“Gruesome” drawing contest winner:
She won a Mynx d’Meanor calendar, a free pass to Fishnet Follies on May 31st, and a generous shot of booze.

A toast!
[Dr. Sketchy's San Diego toast]

There were so many super cool drawings, I was completely awed (and a bit envious of such talent). I think I will blog some more of them later. For now, I want to highlight my absolute favorite:

Mynx d’Meanor as Victorian Whore. Artist unknown.
She was generous enough to leave it for us, but took off before I could thank her personally. Whoever you are, please get in touch! I’d love to get your autograph, and perhaps work with you someday?

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