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Roundup: Censorship, London, Feminism and Fishnets

1) For many of us who use and frequent Yahoo! groups to keep in touch with the burlesque community: Yahoo! still set to delete/censor “adult” profiles, but so far the groups are safe.

While none of my profiles in any online social community has ever been flagged as “adult” or “mature” (so far), I still have some issues with these sites retroactively policing members’ profiles– who are often the biggest users and supporters of these sites. Especially when they refuse to or are simply unable to clearly define what is obscene or censor-worthy. This sort of thing went down on Tribe.net a couple of years back, where I was an “old timer” member, which ended up in a mass exodus from the site by many of its core users.

More thoughts later.

2) The London Burlesque Fest was a nice success, reflecting the continuing boom in neo-burlesque, with 30 women competing for best newcomer at last Friday’s competition.

[LBF]Wolf-whistling revelers greeted a showdown of ostrich feathers, satin corsets and red lipstick in a chandeliered London hall this month as 30 women competed to be crowned best newcomer at the International Burlesque Festival in London.

Competitors followed the traditional striptease sequence, removing one article of clothing at a time to the catcalls of the audience, but each performance had its own twist.

3) New York’s Legs Malone gave a nice interview with The Valley Advocate about her corner of the neo-burlesque world and its impact on feminism.

[Sugar Shack Burlesque]Do you think the neo-burlesque movement is changing the way women view themselves?

The burlesque community, at least the one in New York, is nothing short of a modern-day Mount Olympus with gods and goddesses. There are female performers who, through their performances, take on a higher harmonic of feminism.

When you turn on the television, everything is so very homogenized and safe. It goes back to everything that made America and it’s so fucking boring. It’s all cookie cutters. Turning on MTV, I’d rather put my head through the window than constantly adhere to the norm. Growing up, it was terrifying to be an individual. It was so cliquish. Now to see women of all shapes and sizes just own it and celebrate it—not aggressively pushing it in your face, more like an offering—it’s just stunning. It has helped me evolve as person.

What do you say to the feminists who see the neo-burlesque movement as detrimental to the feminist cause?

I would say we’re helping the feminist movement. I think a lot of feminists who say that have never been to a burlesque show. They may have been to a strip club, but it’s a totally different environment. I challenge the feminists out there to go to a burlesque show and then say what their opinions are. God bless every single feminist—the movement has brought fabulous things. But I have to say there are so many different performers with different backgrounds who are performing the art of neo-burlesque that for women to say it’s cutting down feminism—well, I think they just have to go to a show and see.

The New York City burlesque scene is full of some of the most powerful feminists I’ve ever met. If anything, being a part of it has made me become a better feminist. The women up there on stage, they’re the ones in control. There’s nothing that happens on that stage that is against their will. Challenging yourself is the most empowering thing you can do as a woman.

4) Work is underway for San Diego’s newest burlesque revue, Fishnet Follies!
Fishnet Follies

Featuring: Bombshell Betty, Mynx d’Meanor, Flame Cynders, and San Diego troupes Hell on Heels, Sultry Savage and a bit o’ Burlesque!
More updates soon.

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