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There is no nudity in any of these classes. However, students are encouraged to wear whatever makes them feel sexy within their comfort level.

Wear clothes and shoes that make you feel comfortable and sexy. We recommend wearing form-fitting attire, so you can see the lines of your body as you move:

* Lingerie you can move in (not too tight or restrictive)
* Fitted t-shirt, tank top, leotard
* Leggings, yoga pants, hot pants
* Bare feet (first 2 classes), then optional shoes you can dance in (character/ballroom shoes, comfy heels no taller than 4 inches)
* A little red lipstick never hurts!

NOTE: There is a dressing room available in the studio to change out of your street clothes before the class starts.


On the first day of class, you will sign a registration form/liability waiver which states:

This class is for entertainment purposes only. I (student) acknowledge that the instructors of FISHNET FOLLIES SCHOOL OF CLASSIC BURLESQUE have informed that there can be risks of injury associated with any physical activity. I accept responsibility for my own well-being and assume all risks associated with this activity. I agree that FISHNET FOLLIES SCHOOL OF CLASSIC BURLESQUE, the instructors, the facility and any other related agencies will not be responsible in any way for any injury I may suffer in or as a result of classes, rehearsals, or performance work.

GROUP CHOREOGRAPHY: I acknowledge that all choreography is the proprietary work of FISHNET FOLLIES and affirm that I will not perform any routine without the expressed permission of instructors/producers Mynx d’Meanor and/or Flame Cynders.



All classes and workshops offered by FISHNET FOLLIES SCHOOL OF CLASSIC BURLESQUE are intended for entertainment purposes only. As with any activity, please check with your doctor before beginning any exercise or health regimen, as there is some risk involved in any physical activity. FISHNET FOLLIES SCHOOL OF CLASSIC BURLESQUE, the instructor, facility, and any related agencies accept no responsibility for personal injury that may take place during the event or while arriving at or leaving the facilities. Please use caution and common sense, know your limitations, and respect the limitations of others.


In order to maintain a comfortable and safe environment for all students, FISHNET FOLLIES SCHOOL OF CLASSIC BURLESQUE reserves the right to refuse admittance to or to eject from events any persons behaving in a disruptive manner, as determined by the instructor. No observers or auditors will be allowed without prior arrangement and expressed permission from the instructor.


It is the responsibility of the student (you) to arrive at class on time. Wherever possible, venue doors will be locked 10 minutes after the scheduled class start. Any late arrivals/lockouts may be subject to partial attendance/no-show refund policy.


It is the responsibility of the student (you) to determine whether s/he will be able to attend all the classes in the session or workshop s/he is enrolling in at the time of purchase. There will be no refund or prorate for unattended or partially-attended classes. Registrations for classes may be canceled up to seven (7) calendar days prior to the first day of the session/workshop OR before registration is closed (class is full), whichever happens first, to receive a credit for the full registration amount. If for some reason a cancellation must be made by FISHNET FOLLIES SCHOOL OF CLASSIC BURLESQUE, you will be issued either a credit toward registration in future classes/workshops OR a refund for the canceled class/workshop.


Drop-in students are accepted on a first come, first served basis as space allows.


All personal information collected by FISHNET FOLLIES SCHOOL OF CLASSIC BURLESQUE is kept private and confidential.


Instructors Flame Cynders and Mynx d’Meanor have a combined 20+ years of dance/performance experience, encompassing disciplines such as ballet, ballroom, bellydance, modern, “street”, and jazz/swing. We are heavily influenced and inspired by the dance stylings of Jack Cole, Bob Fosse, Cyd Charisse and other “greats” of Broadway and MGM musicals. We incorporate these influences in our approach to teaching burlesque fundamentals and dance choreography.


Contact us via email at [email protected] or call Mynx d’Meanor at 415.300.0976.


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