Mynx d'Meanor & Flame Cynders present…


Past shows have featured internationally renowned burlesque, music and variety performers such as:

Catherine D’Lish * Coco Lectric * Maki Rinka Jazz Trio * Mimi LeMeaux * MOSH * Vienna La Rouge * Violet Eva

In alphabetical order:
a bit o’ Burlesque (San Diego) * Bobbie Burlesque (Los Angeles) * Bombshell Betty (San Francisco) * Bootsy Buxom (San Diego) * Bunny Pistol (San Francisco) * Caburlesque Kittens (San Diego) * Candy Bijou (San Diego) * Casey Castille (San Francisco) * Catherine D’Lish (Los Angeles/Seattle) * Coco Lectric (Austin) * Dizzy Von Damn! (Los Angeles) * Echo Revolution (San Diego) * Flame Cynders (San Francisco/Los Angeles) * Hell on Heels (San Diego) * Josie Starre (San Francisco) * Kira Von Sutra (Los Angeles) * Kiss Me Kate (San Francisco) * Lady Borgia (San Diego) * Lady Satan (San Francisco) * Lili VonSchtupp (Los Angeles) * Los Bandidas (San Diego) * Maki Rinka Jazz Trio (Japan) * Mija Macabre (San Diego) * Mariel a la Mode (Los Angeles) * Mimi LeMeaux (San Diego) * Miss Jolie Ampere Goodnight (Austin/San Diego) * Mynx d’Meanor (San Francisco/San Diego) * Nautical Disaster (San Diego) * Pin Key Lee (San Francisco) * Randy Johnson (San Francisco) * Reverend Dick (San Diego) * Ronnie Circus (San Diego) * Ruby Rocket (Austin) * Sabrina Bellydancer (San Diego) * Smoothini (San Diego/Las Vegas) * Sophia Sirena (Los Angeles) * Sultry Savage (San Diego) * The Indra (San Francisco) * Victoria Vengeance (Los Angeles) * Vienna La Rouge (San Francisco) * Violet Eva (Japan)


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