Mynx d'Meanor & Flame Cynders present…


FISHNET FOLLIES CLASSIC BURLESQUE REVUE celebrates the golden years of classic Hollywood glamour and Las Vegas showgirl sparkle on the burlesque stage. Each show features a revolving cast of internationally renowned headliners and the most beautifully talented burlesque/variety performance artists in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and beyond.

Principal Producer – Mynx d’Meanor (SF HQ)
Associate Producer – Flame Cynders (LA HQ)


FISHNET FOLLIES SF has established a residency at Live at the Rrazz! *new location* in the historic Cadillac Building, 1000 Van Ness, San Francisco.

FISHNET FOLLIES LA hosts shows at The M Bar in Hollywood (in association with Bobbie Burlesque Presents).

Show highlights include world-class guest performers:
Catherine D’Lish
Coco Lectric
Kim Nalley
Mimi LeMeaux
Living Legend Shannon Doah
Vienna La Rouge
Violet Eva

NOTE: Fishnet Follies upholds a strict NO PHOTOGRAPHY policy.


FISHNET FOLLIES was originally conceived by principal producer Mynx d’Meanor in San Diego (2008), as a platform to showcase the most sought-after burlesque soloists and troupes. Each show featured a different theme and a variety of local acts, with special guests including international headliners and performers from larger burlesque communities in the West Coast.

When Mynx moved back to San Francisco, FISHNET FOLLIES relaunched in 2010 with a hallmark of classic, Hollywood-glam ambiance. International burlesque starlet Flame Cynders has jumped on board as co-producer, driving our original vision to new untold heights!


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