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MAY 31: Fishnet Follies This Saturday!

The apartment’s covered in glitter, sequins, and loose thread. You know what that means: It’s damn near SHOWTIME!
W00ty-w00t! I’m so very, very excited! (And to be honest, a teeny bit nervous.)
This is my first production here in San Diego, and I’m … Read More

RIP Dick Martin

Dick Martin, primarily of “Laugh-In” fame, died last Saturday at 86.
I remember watching “Laugh-In” reruns when I was quite young and quite new to the U.S. I’m sure the political undertones of some of the jokes went completely over my head, but I was definitely … Read More

Poster of the Day: Pinchbottom, Indy-Style

I so need to check them out when I hit New York!

“Why You Don’t Fuck With Burlesque Performers”


(Link via my guy.)

Roundup: Burlesque in the Media

1) The NYT’s article on the “burlesque comeback” in New York and elsewhere.
Burlesque, that fabled if slightly soiled fantasy realm whose heraldic totem was the twirling pasty and whose undisputed queen was Gypsy Rose Lee, has returned to New York, dripping with rhinestones and trailing … Read More

Video: Millie Dollar

Lots of press lately for this burlesque beauty:
From the Daily Record (UK):
STUNNING burlesque dancer Millie Dollar gets her message across with sexy movements and sensual expressions … but off stage she struggles to communicate because of a condition so rare it doesn’t have a name.
The … Read More

So You Think You Can Burlesque?

We already take for granted that burlesque is an all-inclusive community. As long as you’ve got an act (a gimmick?), it doesn’t matter what you look like, where you came from, or how you identify yourself. Just be there, be fabulous, and be entertaining.
Seattle’s Burning … Read More

Miss Exotic World Pageant 2008 Lineup!

The word is out!
Official lineup for the 18th Annual Miss Exotic World Pageant:

Clams Casino
Evie Lovelle
Gal Friday
Fanny Tastic
Frenchie Kiss
Kitty Twist
Lola Bel Aire
Magnificent Liberte Belle
Mimi First
Perle Noir
Ruby Valentine
Tatah DuJour
Hot Toddy
Sexy Mark Brown
Sin Jyn
Cafe Con Leche
Gravity Plays Favorites
Jewel of Denial & Kat Bardot
Syrens of the … Read More

Roundup: MoB, Bombshell Bargains, Scandalesque, Burlesque as it Was, and Vitamin D

1) The UK’s Ministry of Burlesque will be providing some very high-end, sultry entertainment at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.
This year’s Cannes Film Festival is set to have an exciting addition to the array of premium entertainment with ‘Burlesque Superstar’ Kittie Klaw and the infamous … Read More

Video: Emerald Ace

A strong woman indeed!