Monthly Archives: March 2008

Do The Test!

Ok, this has nothing to do with burlesque, but it’s so cool I just have to share it with everybody!

Awareness Test

The Stripper Debates: My Take

The boards are lively with another round of debates and discussions. The perpetual hot topic: Stripping. Or stripper-ing. As in, what’s the difference between a burlesque performer/strip-teaser and a strip-joint stripper? Is there a difference? Can or should a burlesque performer identify herself one and … Read More

Poster of the Day: “Fatal Follies”

One of the other great things about burlesque is the creativity that goes into the promotions. I’m a huge fan of poster art, and the “Fatal Follies” poster above is a fabulous example. Oh my. A nice, random find of the day. Extra kudos for … Read More