Mynx d'Meanor & Flame Cynders present…

Thank you, San Diego!

By Mynx d'Meanor • May 1, 2009 • Filed in: Events

The big news: Fishnet Follies producers Mynx d’Meanor and The Irreverent Reverend Dick are relocating to Northern California.

So for now, Fishnet Follies Burlesque Revue and Mynx d’Meanor’s Burlesque Boot Camp have closed their doors in San Diego.

Thank you, San Diego, for all your support! YOU were the reason we put on these shows and classes. Big thanks and lots of love to all the performers who have graced our stages, the venues that hosted our shows, and of course, our wonderful friends Blondie, Chef Tony, Photog Matt, Buxom Lily, Emo Mark, Neil, Shiloh, and DJ Boddicker who worked so hard behind the scenes.

Keep spreading the burlesque love, y’all! Support the local burlesque and arts community:

a bit o’ Burlesque
Caburlesque Kittens
Chanel Penley
Dr. Sketchy’s San Diego
Echo Revolution
Hell on Heels Burlesque Revue
Lady Borgia
Lili VonSchtupp
Mija Macabre
Mimi LeMeaux
Nancy Carp
Nautical Disaster
Sabrina Bellydancer
Sultry Savage

Keep an eye out for visiting acts:

Bobbie Burlesque and the Hollywood Burlesque Tour
Bombshell Betty
Catherine D’Lish
Dottie Lux and the Spookshow A-Go-Go
Flame Cynders
Penny Starr, Jr. and the SuperNova A-Go-Go
Randy Johnson
Sophia Sirena
… and of course, us! We plan on coming down from time to time with some special workshops and shows. :)


Your humble servants,
Mynx d’Meanor and Reverend Dick
Fishnet Follies Burlesque Revue


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