Roundup: MoB, Bombshell Bargains, Scandalesque, Burlesque as it Was, and Vitamin D

May 1, 2008 – 9:14 pm

1) The UK’s Ministry of Burlesque will be providing some very high-end, sultry entertainment at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

This year’s Cannes Film Festival is set to have an exciting addition to the array of premium entertainment with ‘Burlesque Superstar’ Kittie Klaw and the infamous Ministry of Burlesque who will be making an exclusive appearance at the most talked about secret – the M1NT Festival House.

With their unique brand of decadent and dazzling show pieces, the MoB troupe will ensure an uproariously witty and beautifully scandalous assortment of visual treats.

Why not book a table (min 10 persons) to entertain your special guests in magnificent surroundings. Exquisite food prepared for you by British chef Kelly Jackson formerly executive sous chef at the Burj al Arab and QE2.

Dinner dance includes:
• Sponsorship opportunities available for all our events
• Champagne reception
• 5 course a la carte dinner
• All beer, wine and soft drinks
• Entertainment followed by DJ ‘till late
• Complimentary Black London taxi service
• £5000 per table

An uproarious revue of witty cabaret and frisky burlesque…’ starring Britain’s cream of the scene:

Dusty Limits – London’s notorious ‘Dark Prince of Cabaret’.
Kittie Klaw – ‘a burlesque queen with an Empire‘.
Jim Devereaux – ‘The Master of Musical Character’.
Vicky Butterfly – ‘The Dainty Diva of Burlesque’.
FiFi La Bomb – ‘the Secret-Agent of Seduction’.
Miss Pearlie Gates – ‘Heaven’s Own Little Minx’.
Dolores Delight - ‘a sultry pocket sized cabaret siren‘.
Toff and Tales – ‘a modern day ‘vintage’ double act ‘.
DJ El Nino – founder of London’s famous ‘Lady Luck Club’.

For more information please contact [email protected]

2) Need quality makeup at a discount price? Vancouver-based Bombshell Bargains offers name-brand makeup and other girly items at 20-50% off department store retail prices.

The result was Bombshell Bargains ( ), Yap-Chung’s home-based on-line store, which sells name-brand beauty products at discount prices.

The antennae twitch. What is this stuff? Is it good? And why does it cost less than normal? First of all, these are labels familiar to fashionistas: Bobbi Brown, Clarins, Clinique, Stila, and 30 or so others. (Yap-Chung’s own Bombshell collection of bath and body products, initially developed as promotional items, could be new to you; partial proceeds from the Starlet line go to the Cinderella Project, which helps disadvantaged high-school students.) All are the real thing, not cheap knockoffs. A number of factors fuel discounts, Yap-Chung explains. “Boutiques close down. Sometimes a company changes the name of a colour, or the packaging.” Besides, she points out, “When did you last see cosmetics marked down?…we just had a pallet come in from a department store.” Cancelled orders, surplus stock—it all adds up. “A lot of the time, the packaging may not be perfect,” she says, “but you never keep the box.” Just don’t expect the same selection you see at your favourite makeup emporium.

3) Satan’s Angel set to pass on the torch (ahem) to Pyra Sutra of Scandalesque.

[Scandalesque]In a show of respect for Zandlo and Scandalesque, [Satan's Angel] Walker will pass the torch (literally, sort of) when she retires next month during a Las Vegas show.

While sharing the stage with Zandlo, Walker will extinguish her own flaming tassels while Zandlo’s remain lit.

“I can’t say enough about Scandalesque,” Walker said. “Their credentials are quite high. They’re everything you want your burlesque dancers to be.”

Having been wowed by Scandalesque’s caterpillar/butterfly act at last year’s Tease-O-Rama, I certainly can’t see why not! I’m a fan for sure, and I’m excited to see this at MEW.

4) Denver’s Burlesque as it Was celebrates its 10th year of performing and an upgrade in venues.

[Burlesque as it Was]The lovely artists of Denver’s Burlesque As It Was — which is celebrating ten years this summer — have moved over from downtown’s cozy but limiting Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret to the Soiled Dove Underground — and they brought a new show with them.

This summer BAIW celebrates its tenth anniversary. What have been some of the biggest challenges and successes of that time period? Did you think you’d be around ten years later?

I can’t believe it’s already been a decade since I started this little troupe! We’ve had the chance to perform in L.A., NYC, San Fran, New Orleans, Las Vegas — all over! Right now I have the best lineup of performers that I’ve ever had and the biggest challenge over the years has been building that lineup.

As someone who started out with little theater experience, it took a lot of dealing with (and dealing with getting rid of) some questionable talents over the years to get to the point I’m at now. Everyone in the troupe now is fabulous and dedicated and very low drama, I’m so lucky!

It’s been an amazing journey growing as a performer myself. In February I was awarded ‘Most Classic’ at the Boston Burlesque Expo and I just found out yesterday that I was selected as one of 15 performers competing for the title of Miss Exotic World — the biggest competition in burlesque! Fifteen out of 200-plus applicants! Unbelievable!

5) Getting enough Vitamin D? We already know that Dita Von Teese isn’t one for fun in the sun, and that many burlesque performers only come out at night– cooped up in offices working a desk job or their pads working on costumes during the day (at least for me, it’s been that way)… But authorities highly recommend you, me, all of us get adequate Vitamin D via moderate amounts of unabated sun exposure.

Most vitamin D experts also argue that moderate UVB exposure—without sunscreen—is a key part of achieving adequate blood levels (except for people with a history of skin cancer or with medical conditions that make them abnormally sensitive to sun). The main reason for this is simply a pragmatic one: It is difficult to eat enough salmon and drink enough milk to attain the amount of vitamin D recommended… Children and adolescents drink much less milk than they used to, and, between lactose intolerance and calorie counting, most adults don’t drink milk at all. In addition, the vitamin D content in fortified milk has been found to be erratic, often differing from the amount promised on the label. Multivitamins too generally contain only 400 IU of vitamin D each, and it is dangerous to take extras, given the high toxicity of vitamin A. While it is certainly possible to buy separate vitamin D supplements and to take them regularly, for many, this is impractical or simply inconvenient—one more health mandate that is easy, in the long run, to let slide. (While vitamin D toxicity from supplements is rare—the upper limit for adults is 2,000 IU per day—it can occur, especially since vitamin D is stored in fat; symptoms of overdose may include vomiting, weakness, weight loss, and calcium deposits in the kidney.)

Only a small amount of casual sun exposure is needed to trigger enormous vitamin D production. Exact amounts are difficult to pinpoint since they depend on a person’s skin type and age, as well as on latitude, season, time of day, and amount of skin exposed. But Dr. Gordon (as well as Dr. Holick himself, along with other vitamin D experts with no ties to the Indoor Tanning Association) argue that 10 minutes of sun a few times a week is all that’s needed to produce thousands of units of vitamin D. (This is for Caucasians living at mid-latitudes—say, New York City or Boston. Slightly more time is required for people with dark skin.) In addition, when vitamin D is obtained through sun exposure, there is no risk of toxicity, since UV light breaks down any excess vitamin formed.

In the end, however, it doesn’t seem terribly hard to find a middle ground. It is true that UV exposure can cause skin cancer; it is true that this reality has been distorted, perhaps deliberately, by commercial interests; and it is true that vitamin D is available in the form of oral supplements—for those determined to seek it out. But it is also true that many people simply aren’t getting enough of this crucial vitamin. And for most people, given its myriad benefits, both proven and potential, the advantages of a little sunshine very likely outweigh the risks.

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