Video Coverage of COMIC STRIP! (From SD Union-Tribune)

COMIC STRIP! 2Got back Sunday from a whirlwind weekend in SD where I produced and performed in our second COMIC STRIP! – a comic-themed burlesque show for Comic Con Weekend. Still haven’t completely caught up on sleep, but wanted to share my latest pride and joy!

Watch the San Diego Union-Tribune video coverage of the show.
(Sorry, couldn’t embed.)

Interviews with Flame Cynders (SF/LA), me (SF/SD), and Sabrina Bellydancer (SD).
Glimpses of our comic-themed performers this year:
Mynx d’Meanor (SF/SD) – Harley Quinn
Bunny Pistol (SF) – Betty Boop
Sugar from a bit o’ Burlesque (SD) – Madame Mirage
Lady Borgia (SD) – Poison Ivy, Scarlett O’Herring
Josie Starre (SF) – Death from The Sandman Series
Sabrina Bellydancer (SD) – Storm
Flame Cynders (SF/LA) – Blonde Phantom
Ruby Rocket (Austin) – The Black Cat

We had a smallish, but wildly packed house, and it was a phenomenal show!

Hope you enjoy the video!

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