Mynx d'Meanor

Burlesque Entrepreneur


Mynx d’Meanor was my Burlesque teacher for about 4 years now and has managed to push me into achieving quite some skill (or so I’d like to think) and impressive achievements. She had me performing solo with quality and fantastic audience feedback in less than half a year after starting to teach me. And it took her only three years to get me from no-dance-or-anything-experience-at-all to performing at Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas in the main competition, thereby winning the title “Best Boylesque” a.k.a. “King of Boylesque”.
Mynx has vast experience in her craft, can teach all genders and uses a very subtle way of nudging you in the right direction. She can be very strict but usually makes learning and working with her great fun and definitely a very valuable and often transformative experience. I can’t thank her enough for how she has transformed me and I think the fabulous crop of ladies (and gents) she brought to stages all around the world now speaks for itself. – Harden Reddy, Burlesque Hall of Fame Winner “Most Innovative” & “Best Boylesque / King of Boylesque / Mr. Exotic World” 2016


Thank you so much for such a wonderful time in the last 3 months. I had no idea what I was for in when I came to the first class… I greatly enjoyed every single Tuesday night spent in the studio. You are a wonderful and inspiring teacher/performer.

Thank you for being so welcoming, supportive and kind. I think that was what kept me coming, when I thought burlesque was not for me and wanted to drop out… You are awesome ❤️
Everybody needs some Fishnet Follies ~

Hugs ~ Georgina Skye, 2017

I loved working with you so much and being apart of the Fishnet Follies! I had a blast performing and really learned a lot from you. You’re such a great teacher and I feel lucky to have gotten to work with you! My performance never would have been what it is without your guidance.  – Gypsy Pearl, 2016

Mynx D’Meanor is an embodiment of classic burlesque strip tease. A true artist. I was amazed by the subtle and graceful finesse with which Mynx executed every movement – whether dancing, showing a little leg, or removing a garment. She’s a great model and teacher of the burlesque arts and I can’t wait to take more classes from her. – Gail Olson, student (San Diego)