Mynx d'Meanor

Burlesque Entrepreneur


A fiery, sensual vixen, well schooled in the art of the tease… Mynx d’Meanor focuses on the classic burlesque, with slow, elegant, and sophisticated moves. – Diablo Magazine

THE FORCE: Mynx d’Meanor is the force behind Fishnet Follies Classic Burlesque RevueAs director, Mynx creates theatrical, Busby Berkeley-inspired choreography, presented in innovative ways that are relevant to modern audiences.

MAMA: Mynx is a full-time teacher running her own School of Classic Burlesque. She specializes in teaching “everyday people” how to dance and incorporate burlesque influences into their daily lives. Since 2009, hundreds of women and men have attended her addictive and transformative classes and consider Mynx their “burlesque mama”.

The Fishnet Follies revolving Student Army has at least 20 active members at any given time, and the co-ed Troupe boasts over a dozen feature soloists, chorus dancers, and dedicated production staff. Such diverse talents are showcased every month at “The Garter Room” at Legionnaire Saloon– a burlesque gem in the heart of Oakland, California!

STYLE: Mynx is a lifelong dancing dork, with two decades of dance and burlesque performance experience in various genres as ballroom, bellydance, hiphop, jazz/swing, and contemporary fusion. 

Mynx is heavily inspired by the choreography and dance stylings of Busby Berkeley, Jack Cole, Bob Fosse, Gene Kelly, Cyd Charisse and other greats of Broadway and Golden Age MGM musicals– incorporating these influences in her approach to teaching burlesque fundamentals and creating group acts. Her creations, as a solo performer and director, range from from cheeky “hip pop” to the sultry, slow buuuurn… because, as Mynx likes to say:

“Classic” does not mean “static”.

MYNXISMS / #HashtagEverything:
Mynx is quite fond of word play, and has been known for naming some of her students (“Harden Reddy”), giving uber-technical terms to dance moves (“Smoking Teapot”), and generally having fun attempting to be witty with students and colleagues.

A major example: Mynx’s #1 rule in school is

#ABP  / #AlwaysBePosing

Other isms/hashtags:
#DrynxWithMynx #StandFckingStill #FishnetFollies #FFollies #FFamily #FFam #FFierce (really, we can get carried away with FF-ing just about any word)… “Boobs to the balcony” “Sexy Flamingo” “Sexy Alley Cat” “Alley Oop” “Showgirl Yawn” “Showgirl Fart” “Original Recipe” “Extra Crispy” “Cajun Style” “Eye-fuck the VIP and the Exit sign”…

ALSO: She loves short walks, hates long beaches, and finds writing about herself in third person rather amusing. 😉

Check out the HIGHLIGHTS section for some bullet points on notable events and projects!

SHOUTOUTS: In 2010, partnered with Flame Cynders, who helped revamp the Fishnet Follies brand and ran the Los Angeles division until her return to her hometown of Atlanta, GA.

Mynx is also a regular cast member of notable San Francisco shows Hubba Hubba Revue (which hosts the monthly Fishnet Follies Pre-Show showcase for newer performers), Barbary Coast Burlesque, and performs throughout the Bay Area and beyond!