History: Betsy Holland on 1940’s Vaudeville

The following is a wonderful story by Betsy Holland Gehman, vaudevillian and Broadway chorus girl (and Princess Farhana’s mom). It’s a glimpse of her experience working in the waning vaudeville circuit in the 1940’s. My many thanks to Princess Farhana and Augusta for allowing me to repost this. V A U D E V I […]

Miss Viva Las Vegas 2008 Results

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Miss Viva Las Vegas burlesque competition! 3rd place: Miss Ravenna Black (Seattle) 2nd place: Bunny Bravo (Los Angeles/Orange County) Miss Viva Las Vegas 2008: Dizzy Von Damn (Los Angeles) Photo by Betty C Quick quips: An honorable mention goes to Bunny Pistol (San Francisco) for her memorably stubborn […]

The Stripper Debates: My Take

The boards are lively with another round of debates and discussions. The perpetual hot topic: Stripping. Or stripper-ing. As in, what’s the difference between a burlesque performer/strip-teaser and a strip-joint stripper? Is there a difference? Can or should a burlesque performer identify herself one and not the other? And what, if anything, is wrong with […]