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I’m back. But only temporarily so and in very limited capacity. This is bullshit. But I’ve got to keep up with my business presence on this network for the meantime, so here we are.

I’ve been locked out of FB (for the second time) since just before Thanksgiving. And I’d emailed Little Miss Hot Mess (as suggested by friends) to no avail. I currently have a student who says she knows exactly who to approach at work to fix the name issue, but warned that regardless of that, if anyone out there decides to flag me again, I’d again lose my login with no warning. That’s just how the system is (badly) set up.

Personally, I never really missed FB. But it made me realize how much many of you truly cannot seem to imagine communicating outside of it.

At any rate, I’ll be closing down a few things and will be limiting my profile primarily to maintain my admin control of the FF page. (That’s a thing apparently many people don’t know– once I got locked out of my personal profile, I was also automatically unable to administer my FF page and private student group*.) The fact that there is no way to sign up and pay for a business membership** specifically to administer a business page means that ultimately, your control over your business presence on this network relies on your maintenance of your personal profile– subject to FB’s ever-changing rules.

* E.g.: One login to control them all. So even if I had separate “Mynx” & “FF” pages and I kept my personal Sevilla profile– as soon as I’m locked out, I would not be able to control either pages.
** Yes, I said “business” a lot. That’s what matters to me. Note “Membership” vs. current “Boost Post” payment model.

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