MEW 2008 Pageant Reports (LV Weekly and Daily Fiasco)

The word of the weekend was “underboob”.

Somehow in Vegas, city of sin and beacon of debauchery, excess and immodesty, a burlesque show of all things was censored this weekend. Never mind that there are strip clubs every five hundred feet, including all nude joints where everything ends up on the floor. Never mind that just outside Clark County limits anyone of age with a bit of cash can indulge in a sexual escapade at a totally legal brothel. The Nevada Gaming Commission simply cannot allow these women, professionals dancers some of whom have traveled more than 13 hours to disrobe in alluring fashion, to perform unimpeded.

This is not just any striptease. This is the queen of take-it-off revues – an evening in which countless satin gloves, sequined bras, and feather boas are flung across the stage. Tonight boasts so many jeweled pasties, jeweled high heels, jeweled hats and jeweled G-strings that the rhinestone industry must enjoy a marked spike in sales in the weeks prior. This is Miss Exotic World 2008, and as mistress of ceremonies Miss Astrid informs the audience, “They’ll be covering it up, bitches.”

“It” is the bottom of the breast, an area of flesh that is, as Astrid deadpans in an affected German accent, “so inflammatory that when met with gambling is like putting a flame to a powder keg.” The crowd gathered around the Palms pool boos in unison, but law is law and the show must go on.

A pretty well-written, positive article, by someone who seemed to enjoy the show! Read more at the Las Vegas Weekly Blog.

And here’s a quickie from the Daily Fiasco:

This was a crowd fascinated by its own history. As one former great after another climbed on stage, the shrieks and cheers could have been for Jagger in ‘72 as much as they were for 60-some-odd-year-old dancers.

Make no mistake: The veterans weren’t shy about dropping pearls of wisdom (”She said, ‘There’s only two things important in life. Sex and work.’ And I thought, OK. I can live by that.”) or about dropping their clothes. As elder stateswoman after elder stateswoman showed there was a little bump left in their grind, the crowd worked into a bigger and bigger frenzy, culminating in a show by Satan’s Angel aided by younger assistant Pyra Sutra that climaxed in a four-by-four frenzy of spinning, flaming tassels.

Pseudo-vaudeville revival act Doc (Who did his doctoral dissertation on burlesque at NYU) and Stumpy (a former Universal Studios employee) kept the variety show aspects of burlesque true to form with a well-received bawdy golf routine (Yes, it traded on balls-and-shaft puns).

“One of the things we’re trying to do is show comedy has a place in this burlesque scene,” Doc said.

Still, the girls in the crowd were focused on the girls on stage. Saturday night saw Miss Exotic World 2008 battle the wind — and state regulations preventing the girls from showing any underboob, much to everyone’s dismay — at The Palms pool.

After more than four hours of routines ranging from the funny (Clams Casino’s tennis tournament victory dance act) to the sultry (Amber Ray’s “Whatever Lola Wants” show) the showcase of the quaintly naughty ended in victory for New York’s Angie Pontani around 1 a.m., cutting into Tiger Army’s stage time. Which was all as well, because the trio came out flat despite a dedicated group of fans crowding the stage.

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