MEW 2008 Winners

I am so very happy to have witnessed such a wonderfully varied show! Big kudos to all the hardworking and seriously entertaining competitors– especially despite the delays, crazy bursts of wind and last-minute limitations on what could and could not be shown of the female breast by the gaming commission. And of course, a hearty congratulations to the winners of Miss Exotic World Pageant 2008!

Best Debut:
Perle Noir (New Orleans, LA)

Best Duo:
Jewel of Denial and Kat Bardot (Los Angeles, CA)

Best Boylesque:
Sin Jyn (Denver, CO)

Best Troupe:
Peek-A-Boo Revue (Philadelphia, PA)

2nd Runner Up Miss Exotic World:
Trixie Little (Baltimore, MD)

1st Runner Up Miss Exotic World:
Lux La Croix (Los Angeles, CA)

2008 Miss Exotic World:
Angie Pontani (New York, NY)

[Update] According to Burlesque Daily, the special categories winners are as follows:

Most Classic:
Evie Lovell

Most Comical:
Clams Casino

Most Innovative: (Tie)
Clams Casino
Trixie Little

Most Dazzling:
Lux La Croix


It’s a shame that (due to reasons unknown to me), the pageant started off late so that in the end, MCs El Vez and Miss Astrid were forced to rush through the announcement of the winners. The follow-up band was setting up on stage (quite obtrusively, I thought) as the winners were hurriedly named as soon as each result card was handed in. I may be a little overdramatic in thinking this, but I thought that for all their hard work, each winner should have been given adequate time to revel in their acceptance of the sought-after trophies. Like this:

(Video from 2007 via nofimag.)

I missed out on the Sunday pool party, where I heard they made announcements of winners of additional categories such as “most humorous”, “most classic”, etc. Will find out and post the official roster soon.

Also, additional musings from the crazy-great (and sometimes wildly confusing/disappointing) weekend in the next couple of days, including a guest post and pictures by my partner in crime, Indiana Jake aka Reverend Limp Richard.

All in all, I’m glad to have witnessed another installment of burlesque history and connect with this fabulous community!

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