Miss Viva Las Vegas 2008 Results

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Miss Viva Las Vegas burlesque competition!

3rd place: Miss Ravenna Black (Seattle)
[Ravenna Black]

2nd place: Bunny Bravo (Los Angeles/Orange County)
[Bunny Bravo]

Miss Viva Las Vegas 2008: Dizzy Von Damn (Los Angeles)
[Dizzy Von Damn]
Photo by Betty C

Quick quips:

  • An honorable mention goes to Bunny Pistol (San Francisco) for her memorably stubborn and apparently slippery nipples (God love ‘em)! The pasties wouldn’t stay on during her energetic tassel twirling bit at the end, and she handled it like a rock star.
  • I personally thought RB should have won, not because I know her personally, but for her perfect execution of dance and sexual innuendo. At the same time, I think Dizzy chose one of the best songs to rile up the drunken, party-hyped crowd (the bird’s the word, after all) and her bird cage prop was to die for! I had an interesting little conversation with the boy about this. In the end, hey, that’s entertainment.
  • Looking back at the VLV site, it looks like Ava Garter was supposed to take that sixth slot, but for whatever reason, Dizzy performed instead. No wonder I was momentarily confused during the contest. But hey, nice work if you can get it, and Dizzy Von Damn obviously worked the crowd. Congrats to the new Miss VLV!

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