Wear clothes and shoes that make you feel comfortable and sexy. We recommend wearing form-fitting attire, so you can see the lines of your body as you move:

  • Lingerie you can move in (not too tight or restrictive)
  • Fitted t-shirt, tank top
  • Leggings, yoga pants, hot pants
  • Shoes you can dance in, comfy heels no taller than 4 inches
  • A little red lipstick never hurts!


See above for basic undergarmet/uniform ideas, plus:

  • Bring outer layer costumes to work with—whether it’s an overcoat, business suit, evening gown, Betty Crocker apron… you get the idea.
  • Any props and accessories you’d like to work with.

NOTE: There are dressing rooms available in the studio to change out of your street clothes before the salon starts.

Need inspiration?
Check out Temptress Fashion for your lingerie needs.
Temptress Fashion